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.Bisexuality.All I want is the cure and my friends back.Free speech on the Net.You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

All the people who are like us are WE.  Everyone else is THEY

"... Dr. Seuss books ... can be read and enjoyed on several levels. For example, 'One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish' can be deconstructed as a searing indictment of the narrow-minded binary counting system." --Peter van der Linden, Expert C Programming, Deep C Secrets

Things to Search for on the Net

Experience the Power of the Internet

Build a hypertext link to the woman down the street whose son was shot on his way to school. Create a full-color, interactive, alternative site for the nuclear waste disposal facility being built on the edge of town. Add animation and sound effects to extinct and endangered wildlife species in your state. Learn about hunger, poverty, racism, and conflict resolution. Prevent domestic violence. Recycle. Just point and click.

The disclaimer:

Nothing in this place is guaranteed to work, not even the hallucinogens. Any path may lead to an abyss; any information may be inconsistent with reality; and any opinion may be falsely attributed, if it is attributed at all. Treat the contents as you would a software product that is guaranteed to be working "real soon now."

Highlighted for your enjoyment:


John Perry Barlow's Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.

Game Design as a Model for Information Sciences as an Art, strange ruminations.

I like Jenny Holzer's artwork.

The Paradigm Shift Utility

Why is this here?

I'm not really sure. There isn't very much 'stuff' in this collection. I decided that others were cataloging resources on the net quite well (and not so well), and that I was wasting too much time doing what they do. I most often find things by searching the net.

Me and my little corner of the world

I currently live in a very old house in Iowa City.

I also maintain the web site of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Health Sciences Librarians Special Interest Group of the Medical Library Association.

If you have any comments, or just want to drop me a note, email me at This page was last revised September 11, 2002.